Holiday gift guide for photographers

We all have at least one friend who is a photographer! And they (we) only wants a lot of expensive stuff like lenses, cameras, tripods and stuff like that that no one will buy for us, so here is a few things you can buy that dosen’t cost a fortune or two

Lens cleaning cloths

Every photographer needs this now and then, you don’t want to use your dirty shirt or something like that to clean a lens so this is cheap, simple and very useful!

Memory Cards

You can never get enough memory space!


If your photo friends is editing their pictures its a good idea to calibrate the monitor so that if they sent the pictures to someone else or if they sent’em to a lab or something, you know its the right colors!


The same as the memory cards, you can’t get enough! If you only backup dies… you photos are gone! So buy him or her a new external hard drive, 100+ DVD’s or something like that and kepp the photos safe!


To shoot or not to shoot… With more than one battery you don’t need to even think about it! Everyone should have at least one extra battery in the camera bag!

Photography apps for iOS / Android

If your friend own an iPad or android tablet, buy them an app or two!
This is a few that I like:
Snapseed – Nik Software, Inc.
FolioBook Photo Portfolio – Architek Ltd

Gift Certificates

For the people in the US I would recommend you buy’em at B&H and for Swedish people: Scandinavian Photo or Cyberphoto is what I recommend!

Subscription to a Photography Magasine

I don’t really know that many for the English community but Photoshop User Magasine is definitely a good tip. For the Swedish folks: Fotosidan Magasin & Kamera & Bild are really good ones!

iPad CF and SD Card Readers

So you can look at all the images in you iPad!
And that’s my list for this year, but isn’t it very serious? Let’s get on with some fun photography stuff you can buy for your friend!

The f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer

You wanna cook some dinner photography style? This is the way!

The Lens Bracelet

For the one who like to bling 😉

The F-Stop Watch

Keep the time like a boss!


Does your friend need a new expensive lens or a camera? Let him save all the money with some style!