Revenge of the 5th

Last night I went out with Madeleine and Marcus to just hang out and play around in the city with the camera. I took the D800 and a 50/1,8 to really test the limits at low light situations late at night.
First of: the bokeh that I got was awesome, I’d love to test it out with a 50/1,4!
Second: I crankt the ISO up to 5000 at some points to even get SOME light in the photo and I have to say that for a web photo, the quality is really good, maybe not so much for a 50*70cm print but I was impressed!
There’s no awesome shots here since we didn’t really plan it one bit, we kinda just walked through the city and had some fun but I like the photos and we had a blast and to me, that’s what matters!
Please check’em out and leave a comment!
RobertQvistPhotography-1 RobertQvistPhotography-2 RobertQvistPhotography-3 RobertQvistPhotography-4 RobertQvistPhotography-5 RobertQvistPhotography-6 RobertQvistPhotography-7 RobertQvistPhotography-8 RobertQvistPhotography-9 RobertQvistPhotography-10 RobertQvistPhotography-11 RobertQvistPhotography-12 RobertQvistPhotography-13